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Joseph HAWORTH   1013   Baptised: John   House: L      in Lancs   Died: 24 Jun 1624   at St Malo   cause Clermont   
Clothed: 1 Aug 1608   at Rheims   Professed: 8 Sep 1609            Educ: Doua
Missions: Chelles 1613, later st Malko –
Notes: EC Douay 1598; to England for health 1602; returned 1604; dismissed (with 6) 25.5.07 for negotiating with Fr Augustine Bradshaw. Clothed at Rheims for L, but noviciate at Moyenmoutier (Lorraine Congr). Taci1609t profession 1.8.1609; formal 8 Sep. Reputation for sanctity, some cure claimed at grave (Clermont, novitiate hous eof St Malo). (CRS33.230)
Charles DELATTRE   635   Baptised: Anthony   House: D      Died: 24 Jun 1731   at England   
Clothed: 8 Nov 1710   Professed: 15 Nov 1711      Ordained: 1715   
Missions: South Province 1726 –
Notes: Lamspringe, an English Abbey p176 gives death as 0.1.1731, Allanson says 24.6.1731. Had to be 'redeemed from gaol' (Allanson B158)
Benita GRENVILLE WELLS   941   House: S      Died: 24 Jun 1937   
Ephrem SEDDON   1945   House: G   Born: 1883   in Egremont, Cumbria   Died: 24 Jun 1966,  aged: 83.6   
Clothed: 1909   at Erdington   Professed: 1910   Sol.Prof: 1913   Ordained: 1916       Office: Bursar (Ealing)
Missions: Ealing; 1939 Stanbrook, 1941 Hindley, 1951 Talacre, 1957 Ansdell (Sisters of Charity) –
Notes: Was architect, then joined Erdington. Transferred to Downside with John Chapman and Bede Camm (before 1913). Later worked on re-design of churches and sacntuaries.