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Thomas SWINBURNE   2133   Baptised: Thomas   House: G   Born: 1 Jan 1607   in Northumberland   Died: 23 Jun 1667,  aged: 60.5   at Douai   
Clothed: 14 May 1672   Professed: 1 Nov 1625         
Father: William :  Mother: Jane   née Bell of Ninebank
Notes: Petitioned Chapter of 1641 to be hermit in Brie, 'but he continued to be more usefully employed as the Subprior of St Edmunds' till 1645 (Allanson, B78; Marron in Downside Birt p45)
Bernard LOWICK   1369   Baptised: Henry   House: E      Died: 23 Jun 1720   at La Celle   
Clothed: 14 May 1672   Professed: 2 Jul 1673             Office: Subprior c1693, Superior La Celle    Congregation: Prior (L) 1713-17
Missions: St James, Chapel Royal monastery 1685-88 –
Notes: Data from Hewlett 183, Allanson B144, Downside Birt p79. It was he who exhumed Oliver Plunkett (1683), and kept a leg bone (Marron in DB: what happened to it?). The 1717 fire at Dieulouard was under the next Prior, Champney (Allanson B159)
Veronica MORGAN   1555   House: S      Died: 23 Jun 1895   
Wilfrid MACKENZIE   1402   House: L   Born: 15 Sep 1911   Died: 23 Jun 2004,  aged: 92.9   
Professed: 23 Sep 1931      Ordained: 23 Jul 1939   
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